• 2016/10/13

Professor Zacharia gives materials science seminar at University of Wisconsin-Madison.

  • 2016/10/18

Graduate student Mengmeng Zhao presents a poster at Ada Lovelace Women in Science Day.


  • 2016/11/1

Professor Zacharia gave a seminar at University of Pennsylvania in department of chemical and biological engineering.

  • 2016/11/7

Congratulations to group alumna, Dr. Xiayun (Sherry) Huang! Sherry has accepted an offer as Assistant Professor at Fudan University’s Department of Macromolecular Science.


  • 2016/11/11

Friday group bowling night. Boys team won the game!


  • 2017/1/31

Professor Zacharia gave seminar in chemistry at Denison University

  • 2017/2/21

Congratulations to Harry Zhu won DPE travel award to go to ACS

  • 2017/3/1

Professor Zacharia gave seminar in chemical engineering at University of Toledo